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Uses of VOC 2010
Compliant paints
Recycle products
Containers were

Minimise Wastage of
paint and materials

Environmentally friendly ?  


We think its important to respect the environment and want to try wherever possible to do our bit, We also recognise the importance of choice for our customers, that is why we have in place a company Environmental policy which we continue to review and improve, we also offer eco friendly VOC 2010 Compliant products and paints as most of the current products on the market wont meet the new laws to be enforced by 1st Jan 2010 and will therefore be banned from use after this date, we are also a member of the Eco decorators association which all help to improve our working methods, please contact us for more information or click on Eco decorators logo


Avoid printing of documents
including Invoices and uses
of email wherever possible 
to save on paper etc

Environmental Policy
In place